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Is Barack Obama Just a Smarter George Bush?

February 25, 2009 - 12:00am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Words when improperly used may reveal ignorance. Perhaps we should be more concerned with properly phrased thoughts that are carefully chosen to deceive.

President Obama, unlike his predecessor, has a way with words. At least that’s the general perception. Our former president failed to realize a complete sentence requires a main subject and thus made it fairly easy for anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of grammar to appear intelligent, simply by putting put together a noun, verb and period.

Should we interpret Obama’s verbal dexterity as a sign of superior intelligence and look skyward with outstretched hands or should his proclamations be carefully examined? The cynic inside me insists in carefully examining these political utterances, especially when they are well crafted.

To wet your appetitite, here are three recent (paraphrased) statements from president Obama.

Obama -> "I have instructed employers to stop withholding so much money from workers paychecks such that families have more take home money. This economy makes it very hard for working families to make ends meet"

The Truth -> Mr. President, doesn’t an employee decide on withholding status by completing a W4 when starting a new job. Last time I checked, an employer can not fill this out for an employee. Nice try at insinuating that evil employers, you know the ones that create jobs are milking the American worker while you fight for their right to party.

Obama -> "When the boat is sinking (financial crisis) we can’t stand around arguing what type of wood to use to patch the hole"

The Truth -> If you want to fix the hole with leaves (government patch), than I will argue with you all day long. Not only are you using the wrong patch, you over paid for it.

Mr. President, if you leave me alone, I’ll build a brand new boat and employ many skilled workers in completing the project. Afterwards, some of my neighbors might like my boat, contracting with me to build one for them. My local bank (assuming it isn’t nationalized) will be asked to provide financing for this new venture. Perhaps with some hard work, startup capital and skilled workers, Americans will be able to purchase boats without holes.

Obama -> "My staff is going over the federal budget line by line and we have identified 2 trillion in savings over the next decade."

The Truth -> Mr. President, I know you want to pass universal health care and have found two trillion reasons to raise taxes on working families. Do you really think we as Americans are under taxed? I already know the answer to this question but I thought I would play your game and at least pose the rhetorical question.

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