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Fortunately, We Don't Get All the Government We Pay For

July 9, 2009 - 12:22pm
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton


I find it harrowing to imagine how limited an Americans life would be if government were truly efficient in enforcement of all laws and policies. Even so I imagine it occasionally...

You might get asked for your passport wherever you go - even within the United States (homeland security).  Men might pay for insurance coverage of any pregnancy they might personally experience (happening right now via regulation, wow).  You might have most of your communications monitored and your freedoms heavily restricted to prevent you from being a potential danger to yourself or others.  You might be one of the 50% of the population supporting the other half - but voting to reverse roles because your representatives certainly won't end the handouts. 

You might have a choice of 6 "government approved and manufactured" cars to prevent "unfair competition" between for-profit car makers.  To protect local industries, imports might be very limited - thus raising the costs of common goods for all americans by stifling competition yet more.  You might be unable to support candidates you prefer for public offices as you are a "special interest".

But I could go on indefinitely so I will stop this distressing excercise now although I can't help thinking that many, though not all, of these mundane horrors are arguably occuring right now.

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