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Obama's Health Care Plan will Result in Rationing

July 16, 2009 - 2:51am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


If you believe that you practice sound nutrition, exercise and healthy habits to avoid paying for unwanted medical care, think again. The White House and Democrats will ram mandates down your throat like the proverbial horse pill. If you do get sick, the cost may be more than the government run system is willing to pay, leaving you dead.

Obama Smokes A New Health Care PlanObama's proposed health care plan (a.k.a. Obama care), will be forced upon individuals and business under both proposed House and Senate bills. This $1 trillion dollar mandate would impose fines on anyone who decides not to comply. Of course those who can not afford to comply will be put on medical welfare. Why is America so intent on becoming a dependent debtor state with no future?

President Obama said "Deferring reform is nothing more than defending the status quo and those who would oppose our efforts should take a hard look at just what it is they're defending." Yes Mr. President, they are defending the concept of self-ownership. The very essence of what makes us human and not merely a stone, plant or a pig. You and your comrades in Washington believe in control over liberty. Even in areas where you supposedly champion the rights of women like abortion, it's really about setting life and death rules. It is not about self-ownership.

The problem with health care isn't technology, hospitals or doctors, it's the rules that establish anticompetitive behaviors. Addressing the following problems would dramatically lower costs and increase service, at no cost to the taxpayer.


1) Many states limit co-operative pools, which is anti-competitive. Remove these restrictions and allow any business to enter into agreements that pool risk with other entities.

2) Increase the number of doctors and nurses by removing artificial enrollment limits at medical schools. The American Academy of Family Physicians, reports that adding one primary-care physician for every 20,000 people decreased the number of unexpected premature deaths by 9%. In countries where this approach was followed, hospitalizations were significantly reduced in duration.

3) End the third party payer system, thereby making each person a consumer of health care via first party payments.

4) Provide significant tax deductions for businesses and individuals that establish Health Care Savings Accounts.

5) Remove regulations that prohibit the operation of non-traditional health care providers. Wal-Mart medical clinics and outpatient care centers can easily provide low cost access to established procedures for a fraction of the cost of a hospital emergency room.

6) Address the comprehensive failure at the FDA due to political and business interests.

7) Tort reform is necessary to reduce health care costs. Address this problem through a variant of loser pays rather than artificial caps. To guard against potential lawsuits, doctors "go by the book" when treating patients. Certain unnecessary tests are run and other potentially important tests are neglected. A doctor and/or hospital that deviates from the standard practice has significant liability under the current system.

Fat KidEighteen (18) percent of the children in the United States are categorized as obese. Medicaid annually pays out an average of $6500 (twice the amount of private health care) to treat these obese kids for medical problems. Unlike private health care where rates can go up in relation to your weight, government run care has no such feedback mechanism. Instead everyone is rationed, which penalizes conscientious consumers. So much for the theory that government run health care is going to save money. Get ready for big tax increases and rationing.

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