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Health Care Reform Vs. Regulatory Reform

November 20, 2009 - 9:58am
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton


It alarms me that we are still discussing as a nation the possibility of handing over another 15% of the economy AND OUR HEALTH CARE to a government that even many of it's staunchest supporters will agree fairly sags under the weight its own inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

The average medical plan in New Jersey costs $37,164 per year while Indiana has far fewer corporate welfare mandates dictating what health insurance must cover such that people in that state can choose between 43 plans costing less than $5,400 annually!

If the New Jersey family could buy medical insurance from an Indiana provider, they'd save over $31,000 a year!

This simple reform would make medical insurance instantly affordable for 12 million uninsured Americans! You can see the study that lead to this conclusion.

If we DEregulate insurance to the effect that individuals can purchase policies across state lines we will have virtually (and virtuously) solved all of the "uninsured" problem we have in the U.S. by simply making insurance more affordable.

I would also point out that the uninsured in this country do have access to care in this country as there are laws here that mandate that people get care at emergency rooms regardless of ability to pay (they may have to wait but they can get care). I also have family members that get decent pricing with their primary care physicians not by having insurance but by being CASH paying customers.

Let's stop trying to make this country poorer via bad ideas and stay with the proven paths of capitalism and free markets.

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