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The Violence of the Health Care Bill

March 29, 2010 - 8:26am
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


DownsizeDC.org's arguments primarily focus around the Constitution and are not specifically libertarian. So when I read their dispatch this morning, I was pleasantly surprised and decided a repost of Perry Willis' (DownsizeDC.org's Vice President) letter to his representatives would be beneficial.

This is the form of the argument that we must continually make with our opponents if we are to incur a positive change.

Some opponents of the healthcare bill have committed violence or threatened Congressional offices. I deplore this and condemn it. We must reject violence as a mechanism for social change, and this WE must include YOU!

Please notice the violence inherent in the healthcare bill.

The IRS will . . .

  • Check to verify that I have "acceptable" health insurance
  • Have the authority to fine me up to $2,250, or 2% of my income, whichever is greater, if I can't prove that I've purchased the minimum mandated coverage
  • Confiscate any tax refunds I may be owed in order to pay this fine

If I somehow manage to resist either buying your mandated insurance policies, or paying the fines you would impose on me, then eventually policemen with guns will show up at my door to kidnap me and imprison me. If I resist then these agents will draw their guns, and point them at me. If I attempt to defend myself then they will shoot me.

This is the violence with which you have threatened me if I do not bow to your dictates. So, of course, I plan to submit, but . . .

Please do NOT take my submission for acceptance. I am merely surrendering to your threats, NOT agreeing with your dictates, or validating your love of intimidation and violence.

I advocate non-violence, and oppose the initiation of force. I advocate this for YOU too.

Instead of pursuing the path of non-violence, look at what you're doing . . .

My supposed government may hire nearly 17,000 new IRS auditors and agents to investigate, intimidate, and perhaps assault, peaceful Americans like me, who simply disagree with your grand designs for how they should live their lives. Please don't do this!

Please join me in condemning violence.

YOU can do this by immediately introducing legislation to repeal the healthcare bill. Do not concern yourself with the difficulty of passing such a repeal. Instead, have a care for your own moral standing. Simply introduce the repeal bill, and leave it to others in Congress to make their own moral choices.

You can find the original post on the DownsizeDC.org website.

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