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Independence Day

July 4, 2010 - 9:55pm
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


While there is no shortage of people wishing each other a Happy 4th of July, and I'd like throw in my good wishes for everyone as well, I'd also like to add a little something to this bitter-sweet holiday.

In 1776, the Founding Fathers of the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain as a result of continued oppression from the King. While they were ahead of their time in realizing that the only solution is to throw off the shackles of bad government, they completely missed the boat in believing that the solution was to strap on a new set of shackles.

You see, the solution to something that's evil is not to replace it with a lesser evil, but to realize that it's evil and work to abolish it. Slavery is not solved by assigning slaves to nicer masters, and the problems faced by an oppressive government are not faced by abolishing said government only to replace it with another one that will soon grow to take its place. While the Founding Fathers can be forgiven in their time for not realizing this, we cannot. There is no excuse for turning to government for solutions, given the vast knowledge we've acquired over the centuries.

I look forward to the day when the average person isn't falling for the government shell-game trick, thinking that we can simply swap out a few bad eggs, or even a whole lot of them, in order to solve the problem. A true independence day awaits us for when we've finally figured out that the solution to all of the world's problems can be solved by peaceful and self-interested interactions, and we shed the delusion that replacing one violent legal monopoly with another is the answer.

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