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Arizona Election Bill HB2305 Introduced to Kill Third Parties

June 10, 2013 - 8:19am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


HB2305 is another ridiculous attempt to game the election process for Republicans by eliminating Libertarians from the Arizona ballot.

A funny thing happened earlier this year in the form of HB2568 which was introduced by Rep Jeff Dial (Republican - Tempe) into the Arizona State Legislature. This bill intended to raise signature requirements on third party candidates while lowering them for Republicans was so blatant that it was pulled before going to committee. I was told in person by the legislator that Republican leadership wants Libertarian candidates removed from the ballot because they have become the deciding factor in most statewide races. In 2012, Arizona Libertarian candidates exceeded all prior vote totals and made many races competitive. Traditionally, Libertarians draw mostly Independents and about 50/50 from Republicans and Democrats in the general election. Republicans believe they are entitled to this vote and will use legislation to remove their competition. Arizona Republican Leadership views you the voter as an useful idiot who shouldn't be allowed choice in deciding who best represents your views. Now that they are exposed watch them run for cover.

Arizona Election Law Bill Amended to Vastly Increase Primary Ballot Access Petitions for Smaller Qualified Parties

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