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When Lies and Misinformation Become More Important then Truth

January 9, 2014 - 3:56pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


President Obama has embraced the notion that lies and misinformation are more important than honesty and truth when ideology is at stake. Lies are antithetical to truth and should be rejected immediately regardless of political ideology. When criteria permits dishonesty there is no rational basis for discussion. Case in point with the healthcare debate or the Afghanistan War.

The health care debate as framed by the political class is not about what's best for you, rather what's best for their ideology. The Afghanistan War is not about freedom rather political expediency rules the debate. Politics like its cousin, castor seed oil is a poison we consume in a bid to cure some ailment. One day it is a war on poverty another day brings the war on drugs soon we lose interest in the prior and move onto the war on terror, each time giving up a bit of our life. Never in the history of man has this resulted in achieving the stated goal.

Politics is not about solutions it is about controlling behavior. This explains why lying to a spouse, friend or boss is treated differently than a politician that lies to hundreds of millions. No one expects much, including truth. An objective analysis points to an addiction where rational people are convinced that ingesting just a bit more poison will cure the problem. Let the politician prescribe a cure. It's just a dosing problem. Really?

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