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Bill Weld a Commitment to Hypocrisy?

November 3, 2016 - 4:21pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Why would the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee shill for Hillary Clinton? He favors state control over individual choice and fails to understand his immoral position.

Bill Weld, like many in the "established" political class believe that statisim trumps freedom. Statist politicians repudiate individual choice preferring to hob knob with the incumbent power structure and career bureaucrats. It's about pushing orthodoxy over individual choice. Libertarianism on the other hand, promotes voluntary association, non-aggression and self ownership. Libertarians recognize that the smallest common denominator is the individual not some fabricated demographic that politicians troll every election cycle. Libertarians run for political office to present an alternative political reality which rejects force and fraud putting each person in charge of their life. It's the message not the messenger. Win or lose, Libertarian candidates who fail to focus on these ideals and instead enter into the media's hyped up red vs. blue agenda betray the Libertarian message.

let them eat cakeAs a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention, I spoke to each potential presidential and vice presidential candidate prior to voting. The Libertarian Party chooses a presidential and vice presidential nominee separately. I asked Bill Weld just one question which he answered in a circumspect manner. Mr. Weld, where are you tethered politically? He replied by talking about promoting GLBT rights, minority voting, lower business taxes and a host of other items. He never spoke about the importance of respecting individuals, rather like Hillary Clinton he put people into groups and spoke about wonderful programs he promoted as governor. Essentially a Wizard of Oz approach to governance. One that is wholly rejected by Libertarians. It does not surprise me that he spoke so highly of Hillary Clinton, a corrupt establishment politician, while throwing Gary Johnson under the bus. What happened to the message Bill? Oh I forgot you never understood it. A vote for Hillary is antithetical to libertarianism.

Weld has been a registered Libertarian for less than 10 months, and he will be gone right after the 2016 election leaving a big pile for someone to clean up. Will Libertarian delegates learn a lesson and avoid picking bling in a feeble attempt to win? I believe this is the case but it is incumbent upon us to start looking for good candidates today. With the possibility of federal matching funds I expect the walking dead to become registered Libertarians in an attempt to secure the 2020 nomination. There are three ways to avoid this problem: 1) Have solid candidates nominated at the convention 2) Join the effort to identify candidates 3) Reject all federal matching funds.

About the author: Jim is a co-host of the Libertarian Solution Show and Chairman of the Maricopa County Libertarian Party

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